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Webroot Review

The Bottom Line: Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is super fast and super light - keeping the resources of your system under minimum strain.
Security Features

The antivirus has a range of well-rounded security features that make it an ideal choice for many users.

• Ransomware protection - The antivirus protects users from malicious ransomware attacks. The potential of reverting infected files makes Webroot’s ransomware protection feature more unique than other antivirus solutions.

• Phishing protection - Phishing is a method used to secretly gather user data without the user’s permission. The antivirus offers comprehensive protection against phishing by using its enormous cloud to block malicious websites. It also limits threats to your privacy by providing microphone and webcam protection.

• Firewall - A firewall is used to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and establish a barrier between a trusted internal network and un-trusted external networks through predetermined security rules. The upgraded Webroot firewall provides significant protection against worms, viruses and other malware.

• Download protection - Download protection ensures that no file from an un-trusted source is downloaded from the internet. This feature saves the device from getting affected by malicious files from the internet.

• Real-time monitoring - A device needs to be continuously monitored to ensure device safety. Webroot’s real time monitoring keeps the system in check for harmful viruses.

Additional features

Along with meticulous security tools, Webroot includes a convenient collection of additional features.

• Multi-OS support - Webroot supports multiple operating systems and devices including Windows, Mac, Android and IOS systems. Though the antivirus does not cater to Linux based systems, Linux users can benefit from antivirus solutions like Sophos and Comodo.

• Disk cleanup - Disk cleanup is a memory maintenance utility that enhances a device’s performance and efficiency. Webroot is not only lightweight itself but also reduces the machine’s memory usage by cleaning up garbage data from the memory.

• Parental control - Parental control gives parents the option to filter what sites and content their kids can access on the internet.

User Interface and Effect On Performance

Some antiviruses are so intrusive and affect a device’s performance. Webroot fixes this problem by being light and fast. It has no adverse impact on a device’s performance regardless of which package is being used.

The UI of the application is also straightforward, clean and easy to use. The antivirus is supported on PC desktops, Mobile devices and web browser extensions.

About the Company

Webroot is a company that started as a provider of SaaS-based endpoint protection platforms in 1997. It incorporated the UK-based antimalware solution company PrevX in 2010. The company has grown over the years and became one of the leading names in developing privacy, malware detection and threat intelligence solutions. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado; it now offers a full range of home and business antivirus packages under the SecureAnywhere brand.

The software has had its share of accreditations over the years.

• Double Editors' Choice awards from for the third consecutive year in 2013.
• Gold winner in the “Most Customer Friendly Company" of the Year” category by Best in Biz Awards in 2016.
• In 2017, it was acclaimed as the Best Customer Service at the SC Awards and Presentation.
• Webroot Antivirus was among one-third antiviruses that passed MRG Effitas’s Q1 2018 banking simulation. It managed to block the real-world botnet, as well as stopping malware from capturing login data in the simulation.

Customer Service

The Webroot community is assisted by a comprehensive customer support system. Though, customer support does not include Live Chat, it covers for the shortcoming with other options. Users can issue queries to the help centre through a ticket-based system and get a response anytime during the day, 7 days a week. There are also online forums available to help new users.

Our Verdict: Get Webroot if performance is important to you

Webroot is a lightweight and fast antivirus that does not intrude on any device’s performance. It is great against anti-phishing and has the capability to roll back ransomware activity too. All in all, a great antivirus at a reasonable price point.
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