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Panda Review

The Bottom Line: Next-Gen Antivirus detects attacks before they happen utilizing big data and artificial intelligence.
  • Affordable prices
  • New smart technology detects attacks before they even happen
  • Scores top marks for malicious website-blocking
  • Includes a free VPN in every package (150MB/day)
  • Excellent password manager
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No protection for iOS / iPhone
  • No ransomware protection in the cheapest plan
  • The free VPN is nice but quite limited
  • Technical support only available for Premium users
Security Features

When it comes to the availability of security features, it is difficult to beat what Panda has to offer. This is thanks to the fact that Panda has made some features that must be purchased separately by many companies a part of all of their security packages. Most notably, the fact that VPN services are available for every level of their software is a massive win over their competition.

Panda offers a number of elite features for its users, including real-time protection and protection of a user’s WiFi network that allows the software to make recommendations if it detects any vulnerabilities in a network. The higher tiers of this software also include interesting features like identity protection when taking part in online banking or shopping activities, as well as password management tools.

The nice thing about Panda is the fact that even the free version offers some strong security options that are comparable to the top tier versions of many antivirus programs. While the fuller featured paid versions of Panda are recommended for more comprehensive security, users should feel confident with any version of Panda that they choose to utilize. And with free trials available for the paid versions of Panda, users can find out if they like the software for themselves.

User Interface and Performance

Panda is typically easy to use, thanks to an interface that is not at all difficult to navigate. All of the different sections of the software can be accessed via a bar on the side of the screen, as users are able to make one click to get to their firewall or antivirus portals, for example.

Also worth noting is that Panda does not slow down a user from a performance standpoint. The ability to stream videos or play games will not be impacted by the use of Panda’s software, allowing users to not have to choose between security and device performance.

Licenses and Packages

There is one free version of Panda, along with four premium versions to choose from. The free version of Panda includes their antivirus and firewall services along with a VPN. Basic versions of the paid service add on the ability to protect mobile devices and scan things like USB plug-ins to ensure security for anything that is plugged into a user’s main device. And the more comprehensive packages for Panda add on items such as parental controls, password management, and identity protection.

The nice thing about having five different tiers of coverage is that it allows users to really customize the amount of protection that they take advantage of. Users can go from basic security to some of the most elaborate coverage in the industry, depending on their individual needs. And with VPN services included at all levels of Panda’s services, browsing securely is a given no matter what option is selected, even if the mid to upper tiers of the software are recommended for maximum security.

About the Company

Panda is a company that is based out of Spain, and has been in the antivirus industry since launching their first product in 1998. They boast over 30 million users, which is not surprising given their award-winning antivirus offerings. Panda has won awards from PCMag as well as AV Comparatives for the performance of the Panda antivirus software, beating out some of the biggest names in the security industry to get there.

Customer Service

The customer service options for Panda are strong, but a little more rigidly tiered than other antivirus programs. There are email, chat and phone support options available, but the phone support line is only open around the clock for premium software buyers. While there is nothing wrong with rewarding those who buy a premium package, it would be nice to have support available around the clock for all users.

Our Verdict: Strong Features For All

The thing that jumps out the most about Panda is the fact that all tiers of this service include VPN access and antivirus protection. While there are far more complex security services available for Panda premium purchasers, the fact that there are quality features up for grabs for everyone who uses Panda is one of the great strengths of this provider. For those who want a range of coverage options, all of which are of high quality, Panda is a great place to look.