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Intego Review

The Bottom Line: 20+ years of cyber security experience coupled with a world-class antivirus detection engine - Intego is one of the best protections for your device that money can buy.
  • Great value, especially for Mac users (50% off via our link)
  • Decent parental controls for keeping kids safe online
  • Cleans up and speeds up your device
  • Light weight / Does not negatively affect system performance
  • Limited to Mac OS & PC only
  • No protection for mobile phones (iPhone or android)
  • No webcam protection
  • No VPN included
Security Features

Since it’s been declared as the no.1 antivirus for Mac in 2024, it is easy to assume that this is a sole Mac-based AV. However, Intego’s antivirus software actually offers protection not just against existing Mac threats but also against PC-based malware. If you’re running a Windows OS on your Mac or simply has another PC as a secondary device, Intego AV will prevent inadvertently spreading infected files to colleagues, friends, and family members.

You might forget scanning files for any possible threat but IntegoAV won’t. As soon as you open any file, it gets scanned for viruses, malware, and any other threats thanks to its Automatic Scans feature.

Another thing that you won’t have to remember is to constantly update your AV software to detect potential new viruses and keep you protected at all times. Again, Intego AV checks for updates so you won’t have to.

Are you a digital nomad? Whether you’re working at the office, at an airport lounge, or in some random cafe, Intego AV’s location-aware firewall will keep you safe when connecting to new networks. It also serves as a shield around your mobile hotspot and will automatically block connections from unknown or untrusted devices.

Thieves, cyberhackers, and intruders will do anything to remotely access your Mac. Intego’s NetBarrier is a two-way firewall with an anti-spyware capability. You’ll know when a new connection is opened so you can proactively block any suspicious intrusions.

User Interface and Performance

Designed for the best user experience, Intego AV’s interface is simple and easy to use even for a total noob. Installation and setup can be done in just a few clicks and the dashboard itself has a minimalist look. You’ll find all the essential buttons in the main window where you can manage new connections and devices, notifications, as well as your trusted devices and networks. This antivirus software also performs reliably and doesn’t take up a lot of system resources.

Licenses and Packages

A single Intego AV license would normally set you back $39.99 per year but we managed to snag a deal for our readers. For a limited time only, get yours for just $19.90 per year! It goes without saying that the longer you subscribe, say you get a two- year license, the larger the discount.

With Intego AV, you don’t have to purchase more licenses in order to protect more devices. For a yearly subscription of $33.99, you can protect up to 5 computers. Or get a 42% discount on a two-year license. Instead of paying for the regular price of $134.99, you pay only $62.99. Ideal for homes and small offices, you can score these deals exclusively through our link.

About the Company

Intego prides itself on being the only internet security and privacy software company that wholly caters to the Mac market since 1997. It offers a host of security solutions exclusively to Apple products including iPhones and iPads. This includes antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing solutions.

Intego programs are meant to be inclusive so it can be used by a variety of people from mommy bloggers to the geeky guys in Silicon Valley.

Winning numerous awards since its inception, Intego also ensures being up-to-date with Mac’s latest operating systems.

Customer Service

Intego is known for its outstanding antivirus software for Mac, but is their customer service up to par? Yes, and it says a lot about their reputation and competency. Their website has a rich knowledge base section with plenty of information about any issues that you may encounter. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or if you prefer real-time assistance, you can contact them via live chat. Otherwise, if it’s not urgent, you can submit a ticket and they’ll get back to you via email. Intego offers support in English, French, and Japanese.

Our Verdict: An Elite Antivirus Product

There’s a number of Mac antivirus brands now but in our opinion, Intego AV is still the best in the market. Its more than 2-decade long focus on Mac products really shows in both performance and aesthetic.

We like how the software has a minimalist design and yet it's highly customizable and extremely easy to set up. It has a great range of features including parental control filtering, “Safe Browsing On” feature, personal backup, and a clean up tool.

Intego is also now available for Windows, making it an excellent choice for both Mac and PC users. Get all-round protection against viruses and security threats as well as value for money when you use our link and get 50% off!
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