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Need a decent antivirus for your Mac? We have done the research for you! Check out the list of the best Mac antivirus software below, find out about the main features in our easy to read comparison table and get the perfect antivirus software for your needs. We chose these leading antivirus programs because they are especially suited for the Mac Operating System and have received top scores by independent testing labs.

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  • Real-Time protection for Mac
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  • Numerous privacy tools, including free VPN (200MB/day)
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  • AI detects attacks before they even happen
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PC Protect
PC Protect
  • Secure & Private Web Browsing
  • Real-Time Protection from the Latest Threats
  • Windows, Mac, Android & iOS Compatible
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  • Block Harmful Threats in Real-time
  • 5 Licenses to Protect all Your Devices
  • Built-In Advanced Internet Security
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Has achieved top awards from some testing labs
  • Encrypts data you send & receive online via VPN
  • Good parental controls and online banking protection
  • Blocks unauthorized access to your webcam
Not Rated


Macs may be attacked less often than other platforms, but they're not invincible. Macs are often associated with security, to the point that you often hear that Macs do not need antivirus software. And while Macs are generally very secure devices (definitely more secure than Windows PCs), the belief that they do not need antivirus software is unfortunately false. Because of how popular Macs are becoming and due to the perception of Mac users as more affluent, more and more hackers who want to use technology for nefarious purposes have developed viruses specifically for Macs. So if you shop online, stream or download videos or bank online, especially via a public Wi-Fi network, you are vulnerable to hacks and identity theft no matter what device you use.

Therefore Mac antivirus software should be a vital part of your security arsenal.

With how popular messaging and creative software are on Macs, users need to be able to operate those programs without interruption, which makes performance the most important feature that Mac antivirus software can bring to the table outside of the ability to protect against threats. Other vital add ons are two-way firewalls, parental controls (if you have kids), and protection for social media platforms, where computers and phones are often most vulnerable to attacks.

Additionally, given how trendy Macs are and how their popularity has resulted in more threats being created against them, automatic program updates are vital for Mac antivirus software. These updates will allow users to be protected against the latest threats to Mac devices without having to do anything other than let the program run. That is great for those who want peace of mind.

The most obvious way in which Macs are protected is through scans of files on those devices for viruses and other malicious programs. Other features include secure browsing services through the use of a VPN. Users can also take advantage of some services that analyze links and file downloads to make sure that they are safe to access before a user makes the decision to do so. They can even analyze wifi networks to make sure that they are safe to join. While many of these modes of protection depend on the individual antivirus program being used, all of our recommendations are packed full of features that will help keep your Mac secure at all times.

Users who are interested in free antivirus software should keep in mind that free antivirus software is certainly better than not having any at all. Free programs will scan for viruses and allow users to get rid of some malicious files that could be impacting the performance or safety of their devices.

Paid antivirus programs often come with a more complete list of features such as more secure browsing capabilities, a VPN, parental controls, firewalls that avoid malware attacking your Mac to begin with and much more. Free antivirus software may be better used as a way to try an antivirus program before opting for the superior features of the paid version of that program.

People create viruses for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is to make money. Malware creators often collect their victim's personal information, which allows them to steal identities and buy things using stolen credit cards or bank funds. And with the recent surge in ransomware, these criminals can even shut down your Mac until they get the money that they are after.

Protect yourself online by using antivirus software to safeguard your Mac. Decent antivirus software will offer protection against ransomware or the tracking of personal information through programs like spyware.

Modern antivirus programs are super user-friendly and literally anyone can use them. The user interfaces of these programs are especially designed to be easy to navigate, so that you can run scans or take advantage of other security features at the click of a button. Even novice computer users should be able to run these modern antivirus programs on their Mac. And even if you do run into a problem, our top picks all have very helpful and always available customer support teams that will help you with any issues you may encounter.

A rather old fashioned concern regarding antivirus programs is the idea that using them will negatively affect your Mac's performance. While security is important, people still do not want to slow down their devices. Fortunately, the majority of the antivirus programs designed for Mac will not slow down your device and will mainly run unnoticed in the background, quietly doing the job of protecting you.


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