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Smartphones are actually more exposed to security breaches and viruses than desktops or laptops, especially if you connect to the Internet via public WIFI.

If you log into your bank account via your mobile device, check email, take private photos of you or your family and visit social networking sites, you need to be aware that all of this data is at risk of being stolen, lost or altered without your permission by cyber criminals who increasingly target mobile phone users.

As smartphones become smarter and more like mini computers in your pocket, so cyber criminals are increasingly targeting these devices which are often seen as the "weak link" to your private information.
There are countless security threats online that could cause havoc to your mobile device, including phishing attacks, ransomware, spyware and other malware.

Phishing attacks use nefarious means to gather a person’s personal information. An example of this would be a website that is made to look exactly like your bank’s website, with the goal of stealing the login information of your online banking service. Antivirus programs analyze links and files to make sure that users do not fall for these phishing attacks.

Malware is more of a catch-all term, as there are many different types of malware. Programs like trojan horses and spyware fall into this category, as they can be used to track users’ keystrokes to gain personal information or install other malicious programming onto a device.
The best antivirus apps don’t just protect your device from malware, viruses or trojans. The security apps we recommend above can also do the following:

+ Run scans for new viruses and the latest threats in real time to give your phone 24/7 protection
+ Tidy up your phone to boost your device's memory space
+ Put to sleep unused apps thereby prolonging battery life
+ Auto-back up vital files so you never lose anything, even if you misplace or lose your phone
+ Protect your privacy with a built-in VPN
+ Scan Wifi networks to ensure you are not being hacked at the airport or hotel
+ And much more...

All of the above will boost your security and offer you much needed protection from online threats without negatively affecting your phone's speed.

Get one of these top antivirus apps, so you can surf in peace without the fear of getting hacked!
There are various free antivirus programs for phones out there, and it is worth asking whether or not those programs can be used instead of their paid versions. Unfortunately, security experts have uncovered quite a few rogue programs in the app store claiming to offer protection, while actually slowing down devices or even stealing data. While it is usually better to use a free antivirus program from a reputable company, than no antivirus program at all, the added security features of the paid versions and their relatively low price per year make these more recommended overall.
People create viruses for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is to make money. Malware creators often collect their victim's personal information, which allows them to steal identities and buy things using stolen credit cards or bank funds. And with the recent surge in ransomware, these criminals can even shut down your mobile phone until they get the money that they are after.
A rather old fashioned concern regarding antivirus programs is the idea that using them will negatively affect your phone's performance. While security is important, people still do not want to slow down their devices. Fortunately, the majority of the antivirus apps designed for android or iOS will not slow down your device and will mainly run unnoticed in the background, quietly doing the job of protecting you.


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