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BullGuard Review

The Bottom Line: Award-winning malware protection, as well as a host of other features including parental control and PC optimization at a very attractive price point.
  • Uses Advanced Machine Learning for excellent protection
  • Game Booster feature (best AV for gamers)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Decent value on the mid and high end packages
  • Not the most user friendly
  • Cheapest package has rather limited feature set
Security Features

Bullguard covers all of the bases that users would want in an antivirus product, regardless of what tier of the software is purchased. With antivirus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware programming all included, Bullguard is terrific for users who want to protect their devices in one convenient package.

Another notable feature that makes Bullguard worth looking into is the presence of a game booster. The game booster allows users to play games and perform other high-performance tasks with ease, with Bullguard taking a backseat and not eating up too much of the performance power of the machine when the booster is active. Being able to deliver optimal performance when needed and a focus on security the rest of the time is a welcome addition to this product’s list of features.

Higher levels of the Bullguard software include features like parental controls and a secure browser. While those more sophisticated features are recommended, Bullguard users can’t go wrong with any of the packages offered.

User Interface and Performance

The performance aspect of Bullguard is perhaps its greatest strength, as this software seems to be designed for gamers more so than other antivirus products. The aforementioned game booster is a huge reason for that designation, as gamers are able to reduce the demands that Bullguard puts on their system so they can devote those resources to making sure that their games do not lag or otherwise struggle to load as designed.

From a user experience perspective, there are no major complaints about what Bullguard has to offer. It is easy to navigate the program when it is in use, while not slowing down the other programs that are being utilized.

Licenses and Packages

There are three packages that can be selected when choosing Bullguard, which range from their basic package to more sophisticated offerings. The base antivirus program covers only one device and includes the antivirus protection along with protection against things like malware, phishing and ransomware.

The Internet Security package allows for the protection of multiple devices, and offers the same protections as the base program. In addition to those entry level protections, the Internet Security package includes a secure browser, firewall and parental controls. This level of the product also allows for Android and iOS device protection.

Finally, the Premium Protection product allows for multiple devices to be protected. And in addition to everything that is available in the Internet Security package, those who get the Bullguard premium plan can take advantage of home network scanning and identity theft protection that set this package apart from anything else Bullguard has to offer.

Interestingly, the price difference between the three packages is rather small and the price compared to other antivirus programs low. Therefore it is advisable to go for the middle or top tier Bullguard package and get the full suite of features.

About the Company

Bullguard has been around since 2002 and is based out of Denmark. Their longevity has been impressive, as has their commitment to cybersecurity, as evidenced by their partnership with NordVPN, whose VPN services are among the most highly regarded in that niche. While there is currently no VPN service included in the Bullguard security suite, the relationship between Bullguard and NordVPN helps lend even more credibility to the Bullguard brand.

Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the effectiveness of a security program, as the ability to keep the software up and running is necessary to avoid lapses in security. In the case of Bullguard, all users are able to take advantage of live chat support 24 hours per day. That level of dedication to customer service makes it possible to meet the needs of every customer at all times, which is a massive positive from this product.

The constant availability of the Bullguard customer service team compares favorably to the customer service of many of Bullguard’s competitors. With many antivirus programs only offering support for parts of the day, or only allowing certain membership tiers to have full day support, Bullguard sets itself apart from many competitors in this area.

Our Verdict: Three Quality Tiers

Bullguard is a security product that has done a good job of differentiating between its various packages without leaving lower tier package buyers without adequate coverage. The product is strong from the entry level package all the way to the premium package, with features that should cover the security needs of all users no matter which package is chosen. While the identity theft protection of the Premium package is recommended, users of all packages will be confident in the antivirus capabilities of Bullguard.
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