McAfee Review

The Bottom Line: One of the most respected and trusted brands in the world of cybersecurity now offers fantastic package deals for households with multiple devices or small businesses.
  • Easy to install, use, and configure
  • Decent level of protection and virus detection
  • Unlimited VPN
  • Software works well on both Windows PC and Mac
  • Slows down the Windows startup process
  • Quite pricey compared to other antivirus programs
  • Limited protection for iOS / iPhone
  • Parental control features are not great
Security Features

McAfee offers a strong array of features for those looking to bolster the security of their devices, regardless of what package a user chooses to utilize. Award winning virus protection is offered with all packages, as McAfee offers safe web browsing that analyzes all aspects of a user’s web activity to ensure that links and websites visited are free from threats to avoid any complications with those items.

All levels of the McAfee antivirus program also include password management tools, allowing users to safely store their passwords in a way that is much more secure than a web browser holding onto saved passwords. And users can rest assured that their home networks are also safe thanks to McAfee’s home network security tool. That tool assesses the risk surrounding a user’s home network and allows users to address any security concerns that are found within said network.

The upper tiers of the McAfee antivirus program also include identity theft protection, which goes well beyond the parameters of an antivirus program. Users are able to take advantage of resources that can tell them if their personal information has been compromised on the web which, when combined with antivirus and anti-malware detection, prevents both the stealing and the use of personal information on the internet.

User Interface and Performance

The McAfee antivirus user interface is one that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. With a clean design that relies heavily on calm colors like blue, the interface is one that catches the eye. More importantly, navigating it is a breeze. This is thanks to the fact that there are easily accessed tabs at the top of the screen that let users access their security features, their identity theft protection features and their account settings with just one click at a time.

The home screen of this program lets users run scans, update their antivirus program and track the number of programs that are running on their device at a given time. It is safe to say that users will not have any issues accomplishing their security goals with McAfee, thanks in large part to the fact that the program is easy to utilize.

From a performance point of view, McAfee tends to not be overly taxing on a user’s system. While a comprehensive scan can slow down the operations of a user’s machine, other functions of this program tend not to hinder things the way that other antivirus software might. While there is no gamer-friendly mode to drastically reduce McAfee’s system requirements, they tend not to be too demanding as a whole.

Licenses and Packages

McAfee total protection is available in three different packages, which cover different numbers of devices depending on what package is selected. Users can get McAfee total protection for one device, up to five devices, or up to 10 devices. The more devices that are covered, the lower the cost is per device. For those with families or several people using the same network, the 10 device package is recommended to make sure that all users are protected within a network.

The other key difference between the 10 device total protection package and the others is the fact that McAfee’s safe family feature is also included in the 10 device package. The safe family functionality lets users see what their kids are up to on the web, as well as set screen time limits and block certain apps from being used. For people with growing families, this package could be exactly what is needed to keep their family not just free of viruses but also safe from communications on the web.

About the Company

McAfee is a company that has been around since the late 1980s, with it being launched in 1987. It has been providing antivirus programming for decades, and has been a trusted name in the device protection world throughout that time. McAfee has become so synonymous with protection that the company was acquired by Intel, where it continues to operate as a part of the security section of the world's leading computer chips manufacturer.

Customer Service

The ability to reach customer support at all times of the day and night is an underrated aspect of an antivirus program. With device security being a priority 24 hours a day, any gaps in coverage could be problematic and impact a user’s peace of mind. Fortunately, McAfee offers a superb suite of customer support options that make sure that customers are covered around the clock.

McAfee offers 24 hour support via phone and live chat, with representatives available to handle technical inquiries as well as inquiries related to the setup and use of the software. Having real people available at all times to answer questions makes the use of McAfee even easier than it would be otherwise, and greatly enhances the overall customer experience with this product.

There are also other methods available for customers looking for assistance that do not involve getting in touch with customer service. McAfee users can take advantage of an extensive amount of support forums that cover many of the key areas customers might need help with, with users able to help each other out and communicate about the software. There is also a virtual assistant that can help users without them having to get in touch with a person.

Our Verdict: A Top Brand In Cyber-Security For A Reason

McAfee has been an elite name in the antivirus industry for a long time, and it isn’t hard to see why when using this product. Ease of use is the name of the game in the antivirus world, and everything about McAfee is easy. Users are able to take advantage of virtually identical sets of features regardless of what package they choose, with the hardest decision seeming to be how many devices a user wants to protect. With customer service options available around the clock and an interface that is anything but complicated, McAfee users should have no problem protecting their devices quickly and efficiently regardless of their level of familiarity with antivirus software.
Very Good
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