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TotalAV Review

The Bottom Line: TotalAV is a powerful, efficient, all-in-one cybersecurity package — the best online protection for 2024!
  • Works great on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Unbeatable in terms of value for money (limited time offer: Save 85% via our link)
  • Instantly identifies harmful threats
  • Advanced ransomware protection quickly recognizes and isolates ransomware attempts
  • Safe browser extension protects against phishing attempts and fake websites
  • System tune up speeds up overall performance
  • Built-in advanced firewall tools
  • Email and chat technical support available 24/7 with all plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee included so you can try before you buy
  • No protection for Linux
  • Can only be used on up to 6 devices
  • Phone support only available for paid plans
  • Free version repeatedly tries to upgrade users to the paid version
Security Features

Features are the lifeblood of any antivirus program, and TotalAV has plenty of them to keep users protected. The list of available features varies depending on what level of the software is being used, though everything from the free edition to the different tiers of the paid version all have enough to provide security to users.

The premium editions of TotalAV all feature real-time virus protection, protection against phishing, and tools to help with a PC’s performance. The higher tiers of the premium software also include password management tools and smartphone protection for added peace of mind. The ability to customize the level of protection and the wide array of features to choose from make TotalAV a winner in terms of available features.

Another feature worth looking at is the Safe Browsing VPN, which is an add-on service. This VPN allows users to browse the web anonymously and get around geographic content restrictions while protecting personal information.

User Interface and Effect On Performance

Antivirus software should be easy to understand in terms of navigating the software, to make sure that users are able to protect themselves without any confusion. Fortunately, TotalAV does just that by offering a menu that is straightforward to navigate and allows users to easily decide how they want to protect their devices.

TotalAV allows users to run quick scans, comprehensive system scans, check their quarantined files, and more all through easy to follow links on the homepage of the software. Instead of having to click through multiple screens in order to accomplish those goals, they can all be done within seconds to provide peace of mind as quickly as possible.

Installing TotalAV is simple as well, as this software has a plug-and-play nature to it that does not require users to go through a long setup process. And while users may worry that antivirus software could impact the performance of their devices, TotalAV’s software does a nice job of not interfering with the performance of Windows, iOS and Android devices. The disk cleanup functionality of TotalAV can even help users free up space to improve performance!

Licenses and Packages

Those who are looking for free protection can download the free version of TotalAV for one single device. While the free version does not carry all of the features of the premium edition of the software, that is a decent option for those looking for single-device protection without having to spend anything.

For those who are interested in the premium version of the software, they can get up to five device licenses if they choose to use the highest tier version of the software. There are, of course, more features available in that premium software than there are in the free version. Items like password management tools and mobile device protection are worthwhile reasons to upgrade in addition to the increased number of device licenses.

It should also be noted that all of the paid versions of the TotalAV software come with a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows users the opportunity to find out what they think about TotalAV without having to make a long-term commitment right off the bat. With the goal of antivirus software being to provide peace of mind to its users, that money back guarantee can help deliver just that.

With such an impressive offering, TotalAV gets a perfect score for value.

About the Company

SS Protect is the company that is responsible for TotalAV. They are a relatively new UK-based company that also has offices in the United States. They also have other antivirus programs such as Scanguard and PC Protect, as they continue to build credibility in the antivirus industry.

Customer Service

The customer service that is offered by TotalAV is one of its greatest strengths. Users can access the help that they need in a number of ways, from self help in the form of FAQs and a knowledge base to their array of customer service options with real people involved. There are email, phone and live chat support options available, with higher-tier software purchasers receiving higher priority care.

Our Verdict: Quality, Customizable Protection

TotalAV is a program that does a great job of offering customizable solutions to users looking for protection from security threats. From free, basic protection to premium protection options, the ability of users to pick and choose how they protect themselves is terrific. And with an easy to use interface and high-quality customer service, TotalAV is recommended at any level.
Best Overall
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